Project ID:  ENEP-RENP-II-22-01                                      Principal Investigator: Dr. Bishal Slwal

Project Title: Grid Reinforcement using Scenarios Development for Optimum Strategic Operation in 2040 (GRID2040)

Total Projected Project Cost Including Contribution: NPR 68, 66,205        Maximum ENEP Funding: NPR 47, 97,957

Project owner or Principal Application: School of Engineering, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel

Project Partners:

  • Department of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Engineering (Pulchowk Campus), Lalitpur, Nepal
  • Rastriya Prasharan Grid Company Limited (RPGCL), BPC Building, Buddanagar


  • To perform technical analysis of the INPS in the status quo by developing simulation models.
  • To review the long-term plans of the development of Nepali power grid backed by technical analysis through simulation models.
  • To develop accurate loads forecast model.
  • To develop scenarios based on the historical source, load, transmission capability and meteorological data.
  • To develop optimum and reliable operating strategy backed by the technical analysis of the different scenarios.
  • To develop a customized analytical tool to study the impacts of the change in the generation, load and grid development scenarios in the overall operation of the power grid.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Simulation Model
  • Feasibility analysis report
  • Tool for technical analysis of power grid
  • Software manual
  • One working online website
  • Two peer review journal
  • Two publication in national media
  • One Seminar
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