Establishment of Centre for Electric Power Engineering (CEPE)

Project ID:  ENEP-CEPE-18-01       

Principal Investigators:  Asst. Professor Diwakar Bista

Project Title: Establishment of Centre for Electric Power Engineering (CEPE)

Total Project Budget: 12,168,562.00                       ENEP Contribution: 6,330,104.00

Project Owner: Head, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (DoEEE)

Project Objectives

  • The main objective of this component is to establish the center for electric power engineering at the

    Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Kathmandu University.

  • To provide a platform to work in the research-oriented environment by concentrating Scientists, Professors, Faculties, Students and other stakeholders from different countries/institutions/organizations in the field of electric power engineering.

Expected Outcomes

  • National Standard reference laboratory for High-Voltage Testing and Electrical Power Apparatus Test Certification, reference laboratory for Energy Efficient Technologies, and Lighting and Illumination Design.
  • Well-equipped laboratory infrastructure needed for research in Electrical Power Engineering.
  • One PhD and two MS by research graduates in the field of Electrical Power Engineering
  • At least five publications in the national and international journals and conferences in the field of electrical power engineering.


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