A pilot study to produce bioenergy and fertilizer from Kathmandu University’s food waste

Project ID:  ENEP-RENP-II-18-01    

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sunil Prashad Lohani

Project Title: A pilot study to produce bioenergy and fertilizer  from Kathmandu University’s food waste

Total Projected Project Cost: 7,245,000.00                     ENEP Funding: 4,800,000.00

Project owner or Principal Applicant: Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel Nepal

Project Partners

  • Soil Water and Air Testing Laboratories (P) Ltd.(SWAT), Babarmahal, Kathmandu.
  • University of South Eastern Norway, Norway
  • Kingdom Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd. Brandon Avenue, UK.

Project Objectives

  • Develop and implement the waste management model for the management of organic and inorganic waste of Kathmandu University.
  • Design and develop optimized pilot scale digester (incorporating laboratory results) with real-time monitoring system for better process control and monitoring.
  • A household digester will be fabricated and disseminated into urban community taking consideration of the research outcomes.

Expected Outcomes

  • Pilot scale AD and laboratory scale plant and laboratory facilities.
  • Household biogas plant will be fabricated considering the knowledge gained from the lab and pilot scale digester studies.
  • Master Thesis from Master program in planning and operation of energy system, and few UG projects, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kathmandu University.


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