Sanskriti Farm

Project ID:  ENEP-KUBI-19-02             

Contact Person:  Shree Krishna Dhital

Project Title:  Fruit and Nuts Nursery Project 2019-2020.

Total Project Cost:  1,030,000.00                       ENEP Funding:  206,000.00

Project Owner:  Sanskriti Farms & Research Centre

Project Objectives: 

  • Engaging people in fruit and nut tree framing and increase vegetable crop production for improved food security and income generation
  • Diversifying the rural economy and creating employment
  • Strengthening the natural environment by planting fruit trees that do not require pesticides and that will prevent soil erosion and desertification
  • Developing the agricultural technical skills of rural farmers, specifically in regard to tree nursery management (including, grafting, planting, treatment of disease and marketing).
  • Diversifying diets(nutrition) and contributing to public health.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Small holders’ farmers from our community are in Kavre, Sindupalchok, Rammechhap, and Solukhumbu district will be directly benefited with our fruit and nut trees as the farm has trainee visitors from these areas. NGO’s working in those areas or the individuals will buy our trees for plantation and we support them with the advisable training and awareness.
  • This approach will increase the agricultural income of framers. Rain is becoming more variable due to climate change hence affecting the local farming practices. Fruit and nuts farming can be a value-added and easy option replacing the traditional farming practices. Fruit trees require less water and care compared to the vegetable and other farming practices yet more production. This will provide local women to spend more time in other productive activities enabling them for income generation.

Publication: NA

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