Center for Electricity Trade Research and Facilitation

Project ID:  ENEP-CETRF-18-01  

 Principal Investigator:  Asst. Professor Brajesh Mishra

Project Title: Establishment of Center for Electricity Trade Research and Facilitation(CETRF)

Total  Budget:   13,865,841.00                     ENEP Contribution: 7,305,737.00

Project Owner: Head, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (DoEE)

Project Objectives

  • Review of the electricity market in Nepal in the status quo situation
  • Review on the power exchange between the third country, India, and Nepal in a status quo situation.
  • Analysis of the proposed policy for regional electricity market integration
  • Development of a feasible, realistic, and reliable power trading model for Nepal.
  • Development of center of excellence for cross-border power trading.

Expected Outcomes

  • To provide academic, research, and trade model development activities in the energy market sector for the government, private and international organizations.
  • To facilitate initiation of discussion of policymaking, policy guild line and provide support for policy formulation related to the bilateral electricity market and power trade.


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