Project ID: ENEP-RENP-II-22-02                     Principal Investigator:  Dr. Anish Ghimire

Project tittle: Optimization of Resources Recovery from waste Biomass via Dark, Photo fermentation and Anaerobic Digestion

Total Projected Project Cost Including Contribution: NPR 67, 67, 000      Maximum ENEP Funding: NPR 4, 673, 800

Project Owner of Principal Applicant: School of Science, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel

Project Partner(s): Soil water and air testing Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Babarmahal, Kathmandu


  • Demonstrate and established dark and photo fermentative H2 production in a continuously stirred tank reactor (CSTR) utilizing carbohydrate-waste biomass and develop guidelines for the optimal feeding strategies supplemented by trace elements additions,
  • Study the potential of photo fermentation (PF) as second stage conversion technology for the by-products of DF for concomitant H2 and bacterial single cell (SCP) and Polyhydroxy butyrate (PHP) production using artificially illuminated photo bioreactor,
  • Conversion of residues of integrated DF-PF in anaerobic digestion to bio methane with trace elements supplementation, prepare guidelines for optimal feeding and operation and assess the energy balance, technicalities, and economics of the integrated systems for scaling up, and
  • Enhance the research activities on resource recycling and circular bio economy and support in the establishment of a research lab for Resource Recovery and Circular Economy at Kathmandu University.
  • To perform technical analysis of the INPS in the status quo by developing simulation models.

Expected Outcome

  • One scientific dissemination and training workshop
  • Two peer reviewed journal
  • Two Researcher, four to five students/ research staffs
  • Participation in two conferences
  • Two Undergraduate and Two graduate thesis support
  • Establishment of Laboratory
  • Preparation of guidelines for feeding strategies of trace elements and operational recommendation for DF-PF-AD process.
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