Project ID:  ENEP-RENP-II-19-03      Principal Investigator: Dr. Anup Thapa

Project Title: Micro-grid management and control systems to provide efficient energy solutions in the mountainous region of Nepal

Total Project Cost: 7,910,656.00             ENEP Funding: 4,800,000.00

Project Owner or Principal Applicant: School of Engineering, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kavre.

Project Partners:

  • Zurich University of Applied Science
  • Krishna Grill and Engineering Works

Project Objectives:

  • Review on the existing techniques of micro grid management and its control system.
  • Development of an efficient model for the management of the micro grid system.
  • Demand side management based automatic control of the micro grid system.
  • Post-implementation evaluation of the system.

Expected Outcomes:

  • MS by research degree
  • Stimulation-based system model and hardware-based system model
  • Peer reviewed journal article publications
  • International conference article publications


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